Human Oncology Protein Array, 84 Target proteins (CPP-AAD-026)

Product Information
Target Species
Target Names
AFP, Amphiregulin, Angiopoietin-1, ANGPTL4, AXL, BCL-X, CA125/MUC-16, CA-9, CAP-G, Cathepsin B, Cathepsin D, Cathepsin S, CCL2/MCP-1, CCL20/MIP-3alpha, CCL3/MIP-1alpha, CCL7/MCP-3, CCL8/MCP-2, CD25/IL-2 R alpha, CD31/PECAM-1, CEACAM-5, CXCL8/IL-8, Decorin, DKK-1, DLL-1, E-Cadherin, EGF R/ErbB1, Endoglin/CD105, Endostatin, Enolase 2, eNOS, ENPP-2/Autotaxin, EpCAM, ER-alpha, ErbB2, ErbB3, ErbB4, E-Selectin, FGF basic, FKHR, FoxC2, Galectin-3, GM-CSF, HCG, HGF R/c-Met, HIF-1alpha, HNF-3beta, HO-1/HMOX1, ICAM-1/CD54, IL-18 Bpa, IL-6, KLK-3/PSA, KLK-5, KLK-6, Leptin (OB), Lumican, Maspin, M-CSF, Mesothelin, MMP-2, MMP-3, MMP-9, MSP/MST1, MUC-1, Nectin-4, Osteopontin, p27/Kip1, p53, PAI-1/Serpin E1, PDGF-AA, Progesterone R, Progranulin, Prolactin, Prostasin, SNAIL, SPARC, Survivin, Tenascin-C, THBS-1, TIE-2, UPA-1, VCAM-1, VE-Cadherin, VEGF, Vimentin
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Store at 4°C for at least 3 months. For extended storage, store Array Membrane, buffers and conjugate Reagents at 2-8°C and all other products including 4-Well Multi-dish and Transparency Overlay template undiluted at room temperature for no more than 3 months.
This product is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Solid Support
Principle of The Assay
Elisa Based Antibody Array
Suitable Samples
Suitable for all liquid sample types, such as Cell Culture Supernatants, Cell Lysates, Tissue Lysates, Plasma, and Serum. Some of the products may suitable for frozen or FFPE tissue lysates. Contact for detailed informations.
Suggested Application
Qualitative protein profiling
Identify candidate biomarkers
Key Factors Screening
Biological Process Confirming
Biomarker Validation
Validation of Antibody Array Results
Normal Range Establishing
Compare profiles of normal diseased or treated samples
Number of Targets

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* This product is For Research Use Only. Do Not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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